(Oxford English Dictionary)

1. The Final and fully developed stage of an insect after metamorphosis, e.g. a butterfly.

2. Psychol. an idealised mental picture of oneself or of another person, seen as having an influence on a person's behaviour.

Imago = Image = Creating something beautiful = an ideal image = Imago

At Imago we pride ourselves with providing expert bespoke treatments. We offer a wide range of nail and skin treatments specialising in creating personalized treatment plans to suit your specific needs. On Berkhamstead High Street; you are still able to escape the hustle and bustle of the shops, and find a calm, relaxing solace in our private salon.

Meet the team

Olivia Harris has been a fully qualified aesthetician for 3 years specialising in skin care and micro-needling. Her philosophy is to preserve and naturally enhance the skin with an aim to graceful aging. 

Alexandra Harlow has been a fully qualified nail technician for six years. Her expert training in both Biosculpture and Calgel allows her to perfect every set she applies weather you’re looking for something fun and creative or natural and elegant.



Sophie Armour has been a specialist nail technician for nine years. Her creative ability allows her to reconstruct missing nails and design new nail art patterns producing a unique set every time.